Introducing Mullvad Leta: The Privacy-Focused Search Engine

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Introducing Mullvad Leta: The Privacy-Focused Search Engine

In today’s digital world, online privacy has become a growing concern for internet users. With the increasing number of data breaches and privacy infringements, individuals are seeking ways to protect their personal information while browsing the web. While a VPN can provide some level of security, it’s not the only solution available.

That’s why Mullvad, the renowned VPN service provider, has developed Mullvad Leta, a privacy-focused search engine aimed at safeguarding user information. In this article, we will explore the features, functionalities, and benefits of Mullvad Leta, and how it sets itself apart from other search engines.

Mullvad VPN

Before delving into the specifics of Mullvad Leta, let’s take a moment to understand the company behind it. Mullvad VPN, established in 2009, has gained a reputation as one of the best VPN services on the market. What sets Mullvad apart from others is its commitment to user privacy. When you sign up for Mullvad VPN, you are not required to provide any personal information. Your login is a unique 16-digit code, ensuring complete anonymity. Additionally, Mullvad VPN is an open-source service, allowing users to examine the source code and ensure transparency. With continuous updates and the introduction of new features, Mullvad VPN has become a trusted choice for privacy-conscious individuals.

Mullvad Leta: The Proxy Search Engine

Unlike most search engines that maintain their index of unique search results, Mullvad Leta works as a proxy server between the user and the Google Search API. When a search query is made, it is first sent to the Mullvad Leta server, which then forwards the request to the Google Search API, ensuring user anonymity throughout the process.

The Stack and Infrastructure

Mullvad Leta comprises both frontend and backend components. On the front, the search engine provides a clean and minimalist design, free from visual clutter. The backend infrastructure consists of servers running on STBooted RAM, similar to Mullvad VPN servers. These servers operate on the latest version of Ubuntu LTS with Mullvad VPN’s kernel, configured to remove unnecessary elements for enhanced performance.

Cached and Normal Searches

Mullvad Leta offers two search options: Cached and Normal. Cached searches utilize a Redis in-memory cache, storing each lookup for up to 30 days. When a user searches for a term that has been previously searched, the results are retrieved from the cache, reducing the reliance on Google Search and enhancing privacy. However, it’s important to note that if a user searches for a term that hasn’t been previously searched, the results may be slightly outdated.

Mullvad Leta’s User Limitations

To ensure the smooth operation of the service and prevent abuse, Mullvad Leta has implemented certain limitations. Users with a paid Mullvad VPN account can access Mullvad Leta, but there are restrictions on the number of searches allowed. Users can make a maximum of 100 direct searches per day, with subsequent search result pages counting towards this limit. However, cached searches do not contribute to this daily limit. By default, Mullvad Leta prioritizes cached searches, providing users with a private browsing experience while reducing reliance on direct searches.

Privacy and Security Audits

Just like Mullvad VPN, Mullvad Leta prioritizes user privacy and security. The search engine has undergone an independent security audit conducted by Assured, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of privacy and data protection. The search results provided by Mullvad Leta are free from third-party tracking links, offering users a clean and secure browsing experience.

The Value of User Support

Mullvad Leta is a user-supported service that doesn’t rely on ads or data selling. When users utilize Mullvad Leta, their search results are shared amongst the community, reducing costs and improving privacy. This unique approach sets Mullvad Leta apart from other search engines that rely on targeted ads and user data for revenue generation. With Mullvad Leta, users can search the web privately, knowing that their data is not being used for commercial purposes.

The Benefits of Mullvad Leta

Enhanced Privacy Protection

One of the primary advantages of using Mullvad Leta is the enhanced privacy protection it provides. By acting as a proxy server between the user and the Google Search API, Mullvad Leta ensures that user information remains anonymous and secure. With cached searches and the absence of third-party tracking links, users can browse the web with peace of mind, knowing that their search activities are not being monitored or tracked.

Reliable Search Results

Mullvad Leta utilizes the Google Search API to provide search results to its users. By leveraging Google’s robust search capabilities, Mullvad Leta ensures that users receive high-quality and relevant search results. Whether you’re searching for information, conducting research, or looking for specific websites, Mullvad Leta delivers reliable search results, enabling users to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

User-Supported Service

Unlike traditional search engines that rely on targeted ads and data selling, Mullvad Leta operates as a user-supported service. When users utilize Mullvad Leta, their search results are shared amongst the community, reducing costs and preserving user privacy. By supporting Mullvad Leta, users contribute to the sustainability and development of a search engine that prioritizes privacy and user interests.


Mullvad Leta is a privacy-focused search engine developed by Mullvad, a trusted name in the VPN industry. With its proxy-based approach, cached searches, and emphasis on user privacy, Mullvad Leta offers an alternative to traditional search engines that prioritize data collection and targeted advertising. By utilizing the Google Search API as a proxy, Mullvad Leta ensures user anonymity while delivering reliable search results.

With its user-supported model and commitment to privacy, Mullvad Leta empowers users to browse the web securely and privately, without compromising on search quality or user experience. As online privacy continues to be a paramount concern, Mullvad Leta provides a valuable solution for individuals seeking to protect their personal information while accessing the vast resources of the internet.

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